2016 Graphics of World of Warcraft and Game Play

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I have a lot of people asked me to make a video on my faults about world of Warcraft Legion and I just wanted to wait until Blizzcon was over so I knew a few more details. This was able to collect my thoughts so first up let’s talk about the fame before the expansion was even announced I was hoping for something that involve the law styles however I didn’t expect it to have so many different elements of story.

We’ve got the Legion invasion Queen Jarrah old God influence and the Emerald Dream all-in-one expansion. I think this is pretty cool as it gets a lot of diversity in terms of feet I know a lot of people are worried that it might be a bit of a cluster.

Sons of story, I’m not really too worried about that I guess the only thing I could say is that a lot of these parts of the story could have been their own separate expansion. With them all being a part of Legion this may be limits blizzards options in terms of future expansions.

But overall the theme of the expansion really excites me at least it’s not going to be an orc fest like the previous two expansions artifact weapons are one of the biggest new features added to the Legion. It seems like they had a decent amount of character progression past level cap for their own talent system.

I personally love and hate this feature for a number of reasons I love it because the weapons looks amazing have plenty of skins that can be collected as well as color variations that you can match with your Transmarks. This is where Mobile Strike copied some of the features. Though it has a gold generator at www.prey-game.fr, still, you don’t have to pay for it.

This will give me something to do outside of endgame group content and I like the artifact progression system for the same reason as you can choose how you want to earn artifact power what you mean is something you passively progress.

Was doing the things you normally do the main thing that concerns me of this is what happens to them for the next expansion other blizzcon during the Q&A. The dev said they want to show but leaning more to artifacts just being a legion thing and then hanging above your mantle pieces and ornament next expansion. To me this doesn’t really make much sense why would we swap out the best weapons in the game law wise for something else next expansion.

I hope they can find a way for this to make sense for BB they announced the new honor system that will essentially be a way to balance PVP and PVE separately through PVP specific talents.

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